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Real Numbers, Real Talk, Real People

We love to make a real difference to our clients. Our team has a great depth of knowledge specialised in rural industries and we focus on delivering what you need, when you need it. First we’ll listen - then we will work with you to help create long term value with our award winning advice.

Working with you to build your Culture of Success.

Building a Culture of Success is what COS Chartered Accountants is about.  This is our ‘why’ as we strive to build this culture both internally with a high performing empathic team, and externally as we work with our amazing clients and their successful rural businesses.

So, what is success?  Success means many different things to different people and that is the key to what COS·CA is aiming to achieve with our clients.  We seek to help our clients understand what success looks like for them, and to then ensure we work with them to achieve this.  Because success can be defined many ways, that is why every client is unique as they each have their own measures of success.  If you are going to be in the business of farming you need to have defined your own definition of success and be working towards achieving this.

A culture of success means that this is something that continues with you as you progress in your business cycle. COS·CA director, Charmaine O’Shea is true testament to this as she has ‘aged’ with her clients and has reset her own success goals.  The key drivers of her rural business 25 years ago were quite different to what they are today – and that is ok.  That is also part of why COS·CA has been established, so this learning and growth can continue for our sector as it also changes and grows with both challenges and opportunities.

COS·CA is not the creator of success, instead we will be the enabler of this thinking around being a successful business, whatever your own definition of success is.   This comes through our knowledge, expertise, and most importantly our understanding of the amazing rural sector within which we share.



COS·CA are embracing a changing environment. We are working to help build sustainable and progressive food producers the length of NZ.



COS∙CA is an integral part of our clients journey to success. We enable client success through knowledge, expertise and understanding.



Our vision is to be recognised as the leading provider of primary sector financial services building a culture of success.

Charmaine came highly recommended and we feel really lucky to be working with her. She has a huge amount of respect in the dairy industry for her experience and knowledge in the sector.

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