Tony & Briar Lunjevich

After sharemilking for 7 years, Tony and Briar Lunjevich took the plunge and bought their first dairy farm. Charmaine O’Shea was instrumental in the decision.

“It was a big change for us, but Charmaine really listened to our ideas and also shared her expertise and gave us the knowledge and support to make the decision. She was very encouraging and all her advice, particularly around how to structure our business, has proved to be very valuable.”

Tony and Briar have been working with Charmaine for five years, and said her expert advice was crucial in getting them through an industry downturn several years ago.

“She came highly recommended and we feel really lucky to be working with her. She has a huge amount of respect in the dairy industry for her experience and knowledge in the sector.

“Because she comes from a farming background and still has skin in the game with her own farm, she can look at our budget and accounts and quickly know where things sit. Her personal experience of both the day-to-day and industry challenges with farming means her advice and support is always really valuable.

“We really feel like she’s on our team.”