Rachel & Greig Alexander

Rachel and Greig Alexander have come along way from their sharemilking days 20 years ago. The pair now successfully manage a range of investments, including dairy, beef and forestry, and one of the constant factors in their business success has been Charmaine O’Shea.

“Charmaine has worked with us right from the beginning,” says Rachel.

“She’s been an integral part of our business diversification and we always involve her in any decision-making.

“She really understands us and our business. We farm a bit different to other people so we need our accountant to be able to think a bit differently too. She’s great at thinking outside the square to come up with solutions that suit us.”

More recently, Charmaine has been helping Rachel and Greig with their strategic planning. “It’s great to have her input. We’ve been focused on succession planning and reducing the amount of time Greig spends on the farm, which is great!”

Rachel says Charmaine is always very professional but is also incredibly down to earth and personable.

“She seems to be able to relate to anyone at any level, including our kids. And because we’ve been working with Charmaine for such a long time, we’ve built up a good relationship with her staff as well. Some of them have been around as long as us!”