Pete & Trixie Foote

Farming is in the blood for Trixie and Peter Foote, and having an accountant who understands their livelihood is critical.

Trixie and Peter have been working with Charmaine for over eight years, and place huge value on her advice and know-how when it comes to both accounting and farm management.

“You can tell she lives and breathes farming. We feel really comfortable working with Charmaine because she knows what she’s talking about. We know everything is working as well as it can, and we know her advice is good.

Trixie says over the past eight years, Charmaine has been there to ensure the business is going strong.

“Charmaine is always there when we need her. She’s very approachable and always has good advice and new ideas. She’s not afraid to challenge us if she doesn’t think something is right or if she thinks we can do something better. Having an accountant who’s an expert in farming is definitely very niche.”

With three farms in Kokopu, Trixie and Peter also appreciate Charmaine helping them to plan for the future.

“Our farms are our life, so Charmaine has also got us talking about succession planning for the business, to make sure we’re all set for the future.”