Kim Robinson

Kim Robinson has worked alongside Charmaine for more than 30 years and sees her as a key player in building the success of the farming industry in Northland.

“Not only is Charmaine our accountant but I also work alongside her in my role as a dairy farm business consultant. I am often recommending her to clients, especially those wanting to build a long-term relationship with their accountant, as there’s very few who understand farming like Charmaine. 

“So many accountants are just focused on compliance and ticking boxes. It’s so frustrating when you’ve got someone who only looks at tax payments rather than the bigger picture.” 

Kim says Charmaine provides consistently good quality information to help farmers make better decisions.  

“Because she has so many years’ experience and such good industry knowledge, she can help clients make better decisions, for today and the future, as she understands where the sector is heading.” 

Aside from Charmaine’s in depth understanding of the financial management and hands-on operational requirements of farming, Kim says she is also strengthening the industry through her involvement in the development of Dairy Base, an industry benchmarking system. 

“She was heavily involved in its development and since then she has almost single-handedly brought on enough Northland farmers so that now there is valuable data to provide accurate benchmarking for local farmers, for everything from animal health to fertiliser and wages. 

“This is just another example of Charmaine’s commitment to the sector.”