Joe and Fiona King

When Joe and Fiona King first met Charmaine O’Shea over 20 years ago, they were the proud owners of a Northland dairy farm. More than two decades later, with ongoing support, advice and partnership from Charmaine, the Kings have extended their business interests to two dairy farms, three beef farms, commercial rental properties and a local fishing business.

And Fiona says they couldn’t have done it without Charmaine’s ongoing advice and support. “She’s a real partner in our business. She’s been with us through the growth of our business and we’ve always run budgets and scenarios past her before we purchased new assets. Now our children have grown and she’s helping them grow their businesses too.”

Fiona says Charmaine’s knowledge of farming is invaluable.

“Because she has her own farm, she understands the complexities of farming, and is aware of changes in legislation so she can keep us informed. She likes to visit us at home and is very easy to work with. And because we use the same computer system, it’s easy to share information and for her to provide regular advice. We work with her all year to make sure we know where we’ll stand come the end of the year.